Toxic Inks No More! The EU ban may create safer inks

The EU is known for strict consumer protection, and coming from the US, honestly, it’s refreshing. They just laid the law down to protect 1/4 of their citizens – the portion of Europeans likely to get a tattoo. In the US, we seem to be going the other way, allowing corporations to pollute and poison and sell consumer products that kill us and our animal friends. Take Glyphosate, AKA RoundUp. Monstanto/Bayer makes billions on this chemical because it’s just so easy to kill weeds. They spend Billions making sure we continue to spray it all over the place and give ourselves and our neighbors cancer in the process….Ah, unchecked capitalism at it’s best. My point is that if a growing tattoo industry has anything to say about it (or “pay about it” to congress), cadmium red pigment is […]


How to use a carbon stencil

Recently, our stencil transfer paper supplier (vegan, made in the USA, premium brand) accidentally sent us green carbon paper stencil paper instead of our standard green freehand paper. This confused a lot of people, but it is also a great moment to learn about different stencil paper.

Sidenote: we use the “green” paper standard in all our kits because it transfers better on all skin tones, including those with deeper brown, red, and yellow undertones.

The good news with Carbon paper is that you get more of the inked part of transfer paper for your money – two sheets instead of one! (these are made for people who do tattoos regularly and just need more carbon colored paper.

The only catch is that another step is required involving using your own paper to transfer the image. Below, I show the additional steps required to get the most out of your stencil paper.

  1. Open […]

LA Times 2021 Gift Guide

Thank you Los Angeles Times for choosing us as a great gift for gen z this year. <3 The practice kit is an excellent choice for people to practice with before doing a permanent design on themselves 😉



How to stick and poke tattoo freckles

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By Ink the Diaspora, Tann Parker

You are either a real ass bitch or a fake ass bitch in these streets. Who cares if your freckles are fake. Cosmetic tattooing has been around for centuries. It’s a risky business that’s why it hasn’t been popularized in the mainstream. You should treat the process of giving yourself tattoo freckles as a scared embellishments.

With any at home tattooing you should make a clean and sterile space to work. The freckle placement should be mapped out in compliment to your face. Making sure each freckle is in their well intended spot. Deciding on color should be as intentional as possible. Don’t just tattoo black dots on your face, over time with sun exposure, you can’t be sure how they will look.

I would avoid pores on your face. […]


YouTube Comments :-)


Our How to Stick and Poke Tattoo video reached 1/2 Million viewers recently! We strive to educate people on how to do DIY tattooing at home in the safest way possible. History teaches us that “folks are gunna poke.” Through sharing info, we can decrease bacterial infection, decrease spread of disease, and increase empowerment in one’s own body!

We have many videos on many subjects around home tattooing, hand-poking, stick and poking and are working on a few more now. Follow us on YouTube and Instagram to get the latest info.

To view our videos on our site, click on a video comment below. To view on our youtube channel, click here.


Pandemic-created stick and poke artists

We put out a call to our community on social media to share about their pandemic home tattoo experience.  COVID has caused sheltering in place and a rise in at-home activities such stick and poke tattooing. Our sales went WAY up. We were the topic of a VICE article, NEW YORK TIMES article and the Calvary Times! (The Calvary times was great, tbh). Many new artists emerged from the “stay at home” orders implemented around the globe. Here are some pictures and words from a few new hand-poke artists:


Shar, who is @offgridink on Instagram said that our kit made them “fall in love with tattooing” –

which is the sweetest compliment to the kit. Here is more from them:

“I started stick and poke tattooing out of necessity when I moved far out of the city and couldn’t make the trip often for new tattoos. I was also living somewhere very rural […]


Defund the Police

Defund The Police, Fund Communities


This business is queer and white owned. My business & I were both born in Oakland, California. The home of the Black Panthers! I feel called to share and spread the word about the what’s going on in order to hopefully reach other white people, business owners & stick and pokers. I do not believe we need police as we know them today. We live in a police state – and this is very harmful for all of us. Did you know that are very few “bad people?” Even fewer “lazy” people. Percentage wise, 99% of people want to be in community with others, on good terms, feeling supportive and supported. Doing what they love, spending time with family, etc.  It’s human nature.  We have police and prisons filled with people that were acting not out of evil, needing to be locked away, but out […]


New Video: Color swatch tattoos for dark skin

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Tann (they/them) is the creator of Ink the Diaspora, a platform that is for visibility of brown & dark skin folks who struggle to find representation for tattoos. Based in New York, Tann finds a great interest as their job as tattoo consultant. The interest is so great that they start to learn to tattoo themselves. Learn about Tann starting their journey as a stick and poke artist. Learn about different ink colors on different skin tones. How undertones play a role in tattoo color visibility and how color swatches can help. Tann plans to offer simple color swatches for folks with dark skin to assist them and artists in creating large colorful pieces.

Read more about Tann on our blog.

Pictured supplies are available in our DIY hand poke tattoo kit – check us out.

Our Instructional Videos:

+ How […]


Ink the Diaspora & Deep Undertones

Ink the Diaspora In the Industry

In the Diaspora (ITD) is described in the Instagram Bio as:

a platform that is for visibility of brown&dark skin folks who struggle to find representation 4 tattoos.

Tann Parker (who uses they/them pronouns) is based in Brooklyn and created ITD when they saw a great need. They are currently a tattoo consultant – they provide information and advocacy for people wanting tattoo related resources, including referrals for artists who are skilled and accustomed to working on dark skin. 

 Tann reached out to us to be one of our Sponsored Artists. After reading about their relationship with the tattoo industry and the difference they are making in education and empowering people, of course I agreed. Tann is now embarking on a journey to teach themself stick and poke (or ‘hand poke’) tattooing so that they can give […]



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