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Spencer Adams

It helped get me started knowledgeably and safely. I appreciate the work you’re doing to bring better awareness to the Sn’P community with your kits. I look forward to getting some more ink and colored ink from you guys in the future. Thank you.


I was more satisfied than I thought I would be, I had been wanting to try self poking for a while and looked everywhere I could for the materials but then I came across your site and I was in love, when the packaged arrived I was more than excited, it was so neat. It brought all the materials I needed plus the little booklet with instructions and cool ideas was my fave. I love this and I hope to get me more colors soon.

megan sides

If you’re going to do something stupid, you should at least be smart about it. Home tattoos don’t have to be bad ideas, using this kit it’s a great one. I’ve always been curious about the process of tattooing, so stick n poking my own tattoo was such a satisfying process. And I could do it with no fear knowing that I had everything I needed in the kit! I will be ordering again…and highly recommend this kit to my friends. ????

Diseree Hoopes

Love it! Comes with everything you need to get started. Sterile equipment and high quality ink.. Got this as a present. The box was shipped quickly and packaged discretely so I could surprise her.. We are now waiting on the expert kit.stick and poke kit review

Cade Wilson
Huge fan of this kit. As a person who is heavily tattooed and fairly informed about tattooing, this was the perfect thing to get. I’ve done a couple on myself and have recommended this kit to so many people. Great product!

Sylvia Thompson

Ordered this kit a couple of months ago. Love the idea of doing your own little tattoos that you feel are too insignificant for an artist at a shop. I did a tattoo on the inside of my middle finger and loved the result even though it took me like 2 hours to do a 5 letter word. I’ll be buying the expert kit fo sho because I gotta get my tat fix every year or so! Thanks for the great product stick and poke!

Briar Rose

This kit has become an inspiration to me.

Jarred Call
I recently picked up one of these kits and I was VERY impressed with it! It’s very clean and organized. Used it to get a tattoo from M. Mictlan of Doomtree, and it kicks ass. Definitely will buy more in the future.

Melissa Ayala

Just leaving a review.  My husband and I loved the kit and he gave me my first stick and poke for my 34th birthday!  Loved the quality and the packaging.  Simple, clean, and fun.

Ailbhe McDonnell

I got your kit a little while ago and it has been a great help in getting started. It is great quality, and the ink does not fade much at all in my experience. Awesome!

Bailey Cope

I love my stick and pokes!!!! The kit is extremely helpful and gives you everything you need to get awesome results. Super safe and totally worth it!

Talasi Howell-cole

When I got your kit I could barely contain myself! It was like Christmas!! I absolutely adore poking and you’ve given me so much knowledge on how to preform said tasks safely and effectively.

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