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Our basic Tattoo Kits contain all the supplies you need to do a tattoo right… #pokesafely

  • professional tattoo ink //colors now available//Get Artsy! Made locally in the USA, Vegan, A major US brand, Tested and Approved by EU standards. Vegan.
  • a few of the best types of tattoo needles. Pro’fesh, sterile equipment! all about needles
  • the cutest lil glass ink jar. Recycle/reuse this cutie! Made locally in the USA, Sterile Lab equipment.
  • alcohol wipes. Sterilize! Plastic free.
  • stencil paper. Plan it out! Made in the USA, Vegan, Green freehand for all skin tones.
  • stencil transfer gel. Don’t F*#k it up! Made in the USA, Vegan. How-to video here.
  • medical exam gloves. Protect yourself! Nitrile, latex free.
  • green soap. Clean it up! Vegan, Made in the USA
  • sterile gauze cloth. Wipe it up! Plastic freeish
  • medical surface covering. Stay sanitary.
  • natural aftercare balm Care for yourself! Vegan, petroleum free, plant based. Made in the USA.
  • sterile bandaid. Cover up! Plastic free.
  • surgical tape. Hold it up! Plastic free.
  • soaker pad. Soak it up! What the pros use ;-)
  • instructions, hints, ideas in our cute little booklet ‘zine on How to Tattoo Safely. Brush up. Printed on recycled paper by a local unionized press.

***If you bought all of this on your own, it would cost you $51,098.03 on amazon.

Our other products and Kits

practice kit:

expert kit:

  • practice skin. Practice makes perfect! Made from natural latex.
  • a squeeze-bottle top. To squirt your green soap like a pro! Made in the USA.
  • 16 professional tattoo needles. Same ones the pros use. Sterile

more tattoo supplies to Add To Cart:

  • a hand poke needle holder! To grip that thing! Made exclusively by S&PTK in Brass and Gold Resin
  • more ink colors and sizes, more needles, etc!

ink colors

Our kit packaging and contents are biodegradable, compostable or recyclable as much as is possible. Our kits are completely vegan friendly. We avoid using petroleum products, however, the tattoo and medical industry requires some plastics for sterility purposes. We attempt to source things locally that are made in the U.S. under union or labor contracts.

Both the buyer & the user of the kit must be at least 18 years old. Our paypal settings require the account holder to be at least 18 years old. Please read the Sales Agreement here.

No returns or refunds, however we will attempt to solve any issues that our customers may have with the product. Just contact us. Read more Stick & Poke related topics on our blog.

About Our Kits

Our Partner Kits include double of almost everything! & our Expert Kits are for second time kit buyers who have our booklet and experience in stick & poke and want more harder-to-get supplies, needles or colored inks. We now have a practice kit (NOT FOR USE ON HUMANS) just for practicing and also we have a party kit made for five!

Stick and Poke Kits are available by mail to anywhere in the world. Click below to purchase…

An (old) unboxing of the Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit….
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