Recently, our stencil transfer paper supplier (vegan, made in the USA, premium brand) accidentally sent us green carbon paper stencil paper instead of our standard green freehand paper. This confused a lot of people, but it is also a great moment to learn about different stencil paper.

Sidenote: we use the “green” paper standard in all our kits because it transfers better on all skin tones, including those with deeper brown, red, and yellow undertones.

The good news with Carbon paper is that you get more of the inked part of transfer paper for your money – two sheets instead of one! (these are made for people who do tattoos regularly and just need more carbon colored paper.

The only catch is that another step is required involving using your own paper to transfer the image. Below, I show the additional steps required to get the most out of your stencil paper.

  1. Open the 2 sheets of carbon stencil paper, set one aside
  2. Place plain white paper on top of the carbon paper and draw your design
  3. Pull off the plain white paper to show the transfer
  4.  Continue with stencil gel to transfer the design using these stepsand see our video!