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Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit® Ink



  • Highest Quality Professional Tattoo Ink – Bloodline/SkinCandy.
  • Made in California, USA. Vegan. CTL tested in Germany
  • All colors come in 1/2 oz. Black comes in 3 sizes and many 1 oz. colors.
  • 15 mL = 1/2 oz, 30 mL= 1 oz., 60 mL = 2 oz.

*If you are new to stick & poke tattooing, we recommend also including a basic kit or practice kit purchase.

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We at Stick & Poke Tattoo Kit understand that access to some professional supplies are important for safer home & DIY tattooing. Therefore, we now offer Inks in addition to our kits.

Color Options

MorningGlory__86040.1405467274.1280.1280  FlashGray__76734.1405466245.1280.1280 EneraldGreen__20856.1405465565.1280.1280ink tattoo yellowink tattooTastywavesGreen__97248.1405459669.1280.1280NavyBlue__84836.1405458644.1280.1280BlueNote__07116.1405459049.1280.1280APW__03153.1405465557.1280.1280SunsetOrange__42241.1405465069.1280.1280labia tattoo ink colorpussy inkBerryCherry__63361.1405458950.1280.1280 BrownBrown__69439.1405465916.1280.1280 Black Ink

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Additional information

Number of Inks

FOUR 1/2 oz. Inks – $38, FIVE 1/2oz. Inks – $44, SIX 1/2 oz. Inks – $50, TWO 1 oz. Inks – $26, ONE 2 oz. Ink – $24

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
LOVE the ink.

This Ink is well made and a fantastic dark black, which i needed. However -
I dont like surprises. As I opened the box I curled away and shrieked in horror, my dog howling in the distance, at what seemed to be a complimentary nail filer. I wasnt aware of this addition and now my day is immeasurably ruined. Thanks stick and Poke Tattoo. I will be buying again and requesting less filers.
What if youre a boy??
I am happy with my disgustingly long, dirty, and unfiled nails thank you very much.

Will Update When Received

It’s been 7 days, but I’m excited to receive my order, and will update my review when I do!

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