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SUBMIT A PHOTO HERE Please submit a clear & cool photo & include a little bit about the tattoo. Did you use the Kit? If you like a photo here, “vote” for it by clicking on it and then ♥ on our  submissions tumblr.  These ♥s  = free supplies for the artist!    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Baby’s first!!! Little rose 🌹Excuse the mess and tattoo ink all over, just adding a new tat :) all self done.This image is from the Dogon people from Mali in Africa. Part of their creation story says that a particular star is where all souls come from and go back to eventually. You can see the star and the bold line is the men’s souls travelling to and from and the dotted line is the women. By the way my daughter put this on me…(she will go over it soon to thicken it up) Dean from Australiamediocre poker starting out with our kit!Dreams and daggers. My favourite stick and poke I’ve done by far. Not very detailed or shaded but it’s cute and simple.Richard’s tattoo ! used the kitone of my favourites rom my twin peaks flash 🌲 @sticknchoke4. tattoo I did on myself 🍷 💔 @stickandchoke
First one!My friend drew the design and I poked it! The three mountains represent him and his brothers while the moon symbolizes the feminine energy of his mom looking out for them.Tiny little flower on my ankle. First ever stick and poke that I’ve done. Used the kit!Colored, dancing, fun vibes little jelly. 3rd hand poke I’ve done.a world of pain. @stickandchokethrow me out the window with confetti in my haiiiir - #tomwaits @stickandchoke
Excuse the mess and tattoo ink all over, just adding a new tat :) all self done.submitted on FB!Did this half of a Megalodon jaw on my friend this saturday. shading is a shitload of fun and I love to see my progress, even if this is only the 8th tattoo I done did on somebody. @sticknchokethis was one was a loot of fun ansbach my first time doing a bit of shading on someone

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