I’m going to be honest about this one. We’ve had a few bad reviews. It’s always about shipping, and it’s often out of our hands. The USPS is not a perfect machine! But they are unionized and our friends, so we support them.

The GOOD news is that the quality of our products gets 5 stars pretty much every time. Don’t believe me, check out our User Generated Content to check!

Our community is amazing. They share their joy and artistry with us and the world!  Thank you!

Thousands of customers have tagged us in their creations over the past 8 years. Facebook and Instagram host most of the body art created by our superior custom inks (vegan, small batch, made in the west coast USA). Thanks for adding to the community and giving people an idea of how they can also POKE SAFELY.

I made this little video to show you who has tagged us in their work lately. Our reviews page and photo gallery page has a lot of community body art (that was made with our kit) posted.


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