The point of stick and poke tattoos…

We’ve come up with 5 reasons why you should give DIY tattooing a try.

  1. Stick and Pokes Won’t Break the Bank:

While we love machine tattoos and tattoo artists, a visit to the tattoo parlor can be expensive. On average machine tattooists in the US generally charge $150 an hour or more, and have minimum rates of $50-$100–no matter how small your design is. If you have a simple design in mind, a stick and poke may be the right option for you and your wallet. You can buy our basic kit for $46 and this will include all the materials you need to do several stick and poke tattoos on you and your friends.

stick and poke tattoo

Stick and pokes are a fun, low-cost way to bring out your inner artist.

2. Pandemic Safe:

The pandemic isn’t over yet and with the winter flu season coming up, we have to worry about being exposed to COVID-19, the flu, and other viruses. If you are immunocompromised, spend time with those that are, or are simply looking to be cautious when it comes to your exposure levels…stick and pokes are a great alternative to going to sit for a tattoo in a studio. Get tattooed by someone in your pod, or do one on yourself–zero exposure necessary.

3. Meaningful:

Stick and pokes tend to be more personal than getting tattooed in a studio by an artist you just met. Commemorate special time periods or significant events in your life and get inked by those that mean the most–friends, family, or go DIY!

tattoo kit supplies

Get a Kit

4. Accessibility:

Get tattooed in a place that meets your unique needs–in your home! We love that you can stick and poke in the comfort of your own space surrounded by your favorite people!

5. Creative Freedom.

Stick and pokes allow for more artistic freedom. They are an easy way to try your hand at the art of tattooing. Get inked by your artist friends or let your own creative side come out! We’re in awe of what some people have created using our kits…see our photo and video gallery here.

We have a video on WHY STICK AND POKE? So you can hear from people about their reasons….:-)

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