5 tips on stick and poking

Stick and poke, also known as stick n poke, poke and stick, etc, tattooing is the practice of sticking your self with something pokey. You can buy a neat kit to make this easy as pie, and safe to boot.

Here are some best practices that beginners may not know:

  1. stretch the skin. In the words of underground stick n poker Vitnay, “I carefully poked a perfect heart shape around his nipple. When he got up, it turned into a kindergartner scrawled valentine. I learned the important lesson of stretching the skin while tattooing.” 🙂
  2. be safe. you could get hepatitis C, HIV, and/or a number of blood borne diseases or serious infections. If you are safe and follow instructions like the ones in this kit, the likelihood of a problem goes almost to zero.
  3. be sober. if you aren’t sober, you aren’t able to be sure if you are being safe! (see deadly […]

Evolution of a Stick and Poke Tattoo


▼▼▼EVOLUTION OF A COMMUNITY STICK AND POKE TATTOO  – with Vitnay, an underground Oakland, CA stick and poker, warehouser and artist.  May 2017▼▼▼

I interviewed Vitney at an impromptu party at her Oakland home that she started awhile back with some friends. It is called Home-ish. We talked life and tattooing.


She says,

“Ish is a community of people more than a space – a core group of people that moved around from place to place but as long as we were together that was […]


Donation Kit

The world might be ending! So…we have created a Donation kit for those angels among us whom are trying to do something good to slow the apocalypse – “one more generation!” 😉

If you or your organization is holding a fundraising event and would like to make donation money off of a Free kit that you can use for a door prize, raffle or auction, click below. Value: $46.00.

Click here to read more and fill out the form. It will take you 1-5 minutes. 😉


How do I use different tattoo needle sizes?

When it comes to tattoo needles – there are a lot to choose from! Each needle allows for getting the ink into the skin in a different way with various tattoo effects. In this post, we explore what the sizes mean and also the different ways each needle works on your skin. Keep in mind that this is an ever evolving and highly subjective topic. Tattoo artists use different needles based on their preference and style. Stick and Poke tattoos were historically done with needle and thread. Now we just use tattoo needles 😉

Our new PRACTICE KIT includes an instructional poster that graphically explains some of this really nicely. Here is some more info:

Tattoo Needles Explained Easy

tattoo needle tattoo needle

Needle Types, General

RL = Round Liner –  for lining and […]


Questions and Answers about DIY tattoos

Earnest Questions with Earnest Answers…

Alex writes…

Hello!  I did some stick and pokes about 4 years ago with an India ink which I can’t remember the brand name of and a sewing needle.  They’re both about 2 inches circular (a sun and a moon) on my ankle.  Now back then there was little information about what inks to use, what needles were appropriate and how to sanitize needles; luckily I did not ever get an infection and the tattoos both came out pretty dark and faded a pretty blue-ish color.
Now what I’m wondering about is toxicity of India ink and chrome from needles, and how long it would take for effects to be considered benign or if there could be long term effects from some of those compounds.
I’m not sure that you all would have any information on this but figured I’d ask.  I would assume that if there was some […]


Practice Skin in Expert Kits

Practice Skin is now included in Expert Kits!

It is vegan friendly fake skin that allows you to practice using the stencil, the inks, the wipes and the needles! It is one way that professionals learn to tattoo.

With it, you can…

  • practice home tattooing techniques on fake skin!

  • really do that one tattoo before you DO IT – do it.

  • practice stenciling & wiping on fake skin.

  • showcase your tattoo work on real practice skin!

▼   ▼   ▼   ▼    ▼    ▼

{I’ll see your tag, & I will look up your previous order (just make sure your paypal name or email is on the post somewhere) and i’ll send ya a practice package straight away…}

Thank you in advance!





1. This kit is dumb. Fuck you!

Use your words. I can’t tell what your problem actually is.

2. You’re probably selling to kids!

I work very hard to keep this kit away from those under 18. My payment does not allow funds from a person who is under 18. I market to only over 18 advertising on google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  If I suspect someone is not 18, I cancel the order. Packaging is plain, there is no fun mascot and there is no candy. I really wanted to put candy, because I like candy and it would be cool to have like a Swedish fish in there, but I don’t want kids to want it for the candy and slyly steal parent’s credit cards and then bribe the mail man in order to get the candy in the kit. This kit, I readily […]


Who we give to and why

Although SnP is not a large company with hella employees, we still try to give some profits to good people.

Here are a few we have given to or currently give to:

Sea Shepards (all ebay orders give 10%) – boats protecting marine wildlife no holds barred.

Phat Beets Produce: Youth Supported Agriculture, The North Oakland Restorative Justice Council

Baton Rouge Legal Defense Fund (to support community members protesting police murders)

Black Lives Matter – an anti-racist movement

Standing Rock Standing Rock Sioux Tribe : No DAPL – Don’t pollute the waterways that give life.

Planned Parenthood – an organization serving men and women in the name of public health

& More….



Updated Instructional Booklet! Free on our website

Oh HI!IMG_0593

I’ve updated our free 30 page instructional booklet. You can download it here:  Tattoo Book Insert.

There are some important changes including:

  1. Tattoo Instructions:  How to use the stencil paper & Stencil Stuff in the new kits
  2. Blood Borne Pathogens: These are really small.
  3.  Ideas: The suggestion to avoid designs and patterns from a culture different from your own (appropriation)
  4.  Info on the EXPERT KIT (more needles, more inks, oh my!)
  5. How most of our stuff is made locally. Also from recyclable, vegan, compostable, stuff made in the USA. We pay a living wage to all our part-time Independent Contractor Kit Makers.
  6. Pro Tips. Did you know putting ointment on while poking will help keep the area free of ink puddles? Yer welcome. 😉 <3