We hear that people want to try more needle types in order to create a thicker line and do some other tricks. We are therefore phasing these into our EXPERT KIT. After your initial kit, you can get an Expert kit, which now contains three 7 Round Liners! That is seven little itty bitty needles mushed onto the needle shaft. These little ones hold ink and create a thicker line. (3 Round Liners are 3 little ones, 5 is five and so on…) Enjoy!

image of advanced stick and poke tattoo

Expert Kit // $ 42.00-$63.00

  • 9 needles ( 3 of each: 3RL & 5RL & 7RL)
  • One to five 1/2 oz.(15 mL) professional tattoo inks (color ink above).
  • 2 Packets natural aftercare balm – Hustle Butter™
  • 2 Stencil paper squares & 2 packets StencilStuff™ (vegan)
  • Mini glass ink jar & 2 ply poly-paper medical covering