By Ink the Diaspora, Tann Parker

You are either a real ass bitch or a fake ass bitch in these streets. Who cares if your freckles are fake. Cosmetic tattooing has been around for centuries. It’s a risky business that’s why it hasn’t been popularized in the mainstream. You should treat the process of giving yourself tattoo freckles as a scared embellishments.

With any at home tattooing you should make a clean and sterile space to work. The freckle placement should be mapped out in compliment to your face. Making sure each freckle is in their well intended spot. Deciding on color should be as intentional as possible. Don’t just tattoo black dots on your face, over time with sun exposure, you can’t be sure how they will look.

I would avoid pores on your face. The ink will come right out. And you don’t want to poke too deep!

I hope you feel inspired, less timid and caring with poking your face. Please always remember to be clean and sterile to best your ability.