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Why choose stick n’ poke over other body art? 

Hey folks ! This is e., writing again for Stick & Poke Tattoo Kit! I love my tattoos, and I love getting tattooed. I have multiple machine-done pieces, and several stick and pokes. Today, I want to delve into why I’ve chosen the stick and poke style & technique many times, and why I’m excited to continue choosing it as I put more permanent art on my body.

While there are folks out there who might exclusively offer caution and warning about stick and poke tattoos, there’s plenty of videos, articles, and info, online and elsewhere, that explain how to do them safely and with fabulous results. Check out our blog for a ton of info about how to be physically and culturally responsible with your tattoos!

So assuming we’re talking about safe, sober, planned-out tattoos…. Why choose the stick and poke style??

I think there are some reasons that might feel obvious to some of you –

  1. It’s cheap! Well, it’s a whole lot cheaper than “professional” tattoos sold in tattoo shops. (I say “professional” because there are amazing stick-and-poke artists and tattooers out there who are offering professional and safe services!) You can grab one of our kits for under $50, and receive all the supplies you need for an awesome tattoo. You can barely get a consultation at a tattoo shop for that price!
  2. It’s personal! This is my favorite reason. I love that I can get a tattoo from a friend, support their growth as an artist, have art on my body that will remind me of them, and deepen our connetion, all in one go. I like receiving tattoos in the comfort of my own home; it really makes the event into a meaningful ritual. And I can always use more meaningful rituals in my life!
  3. It’s at your pace! One of my main complaints about the experiences I’ve had in tattoo shops is that I often feel that the process around it is too fast for my liking. I’ve walked away from certain tattoo artists at shops because I felt rushed, pressured, and not completely listened to. When we’re talking about permanent art on my body, I want to feel supported and like we can take it slow. I love how stick and poke tattoos allow for a lot of spaciousness around the process.

Some other reasons to choose stick and poke tattoos –

handpoked tattooed forearms

by Elizabeth Tsung on Unsplash

  1. It’s subversive! When we support our friends or local artists in growing their skills – as artists, as small business owners, as people trying to make ends meet in our difficult economy – we’re helping to create and support alternative economies.
  2. It connects you to an ancient history! And to more modern communities! Humans have been tattooing each other…well, forever. For me, it’s emotionally fulfilling to engage in a practice that reminds me that humans are consistently creative & artistic beings, and that I can enter into a long line of people who, for varied and vast reasons, have put art onto their bodies.

As a queer persxn, I also feel excited to name that stick and poke tattoos hold a special place in my heart. I think a great reason to choose the stick and poke style is because it can connect you to a community that you’re a part of, or peripheral to, and you want to mark or signify that in some way. In my understanding, queer, anarchist, punk, and diy communities have long been using stick and poke tattoos as a way to disrupt the status quo, resist capitalism, and mark bodies and selves as unique. It’s pretty incredible to use art, stick and poke, and my body to connect and be a part of that !

Why do you choose stick and poke tattoos???

With love,