Want a kit? Cool! I am open to trades. I want people to have a kit if they want one – because that means they will do a safer tattoo. Dirty sewing needle? Don’t do it! Pen or printer ink? – No! So, yeah, if you have something to trade or barter, please send me an email with what you have.

Here are some things I’ve traded for:

-A box of collected skulls (cool!)

-A magical healing mixture box with essential oil, personalized journal, a precious stone necklace and kind wordsIMG_9539

-$38 worth at a local bar/restaurant

-Artwork (that I was interested in)

-Social networking promotions –  take like 6 good pictures of consenting people with hand poke tattoos. Add an interesting sentence about each and we call it an article. Send it over with your name on it. I’ll post it up on here and then you can share it with people in it and friends and thus we spread the word about the SnP community. Everybody wins!

Things I’d like: Healing stuff, herb stuff essential oils) , gifts, handmade goods; services(like bike repair, food, and the like).

I am excited to see what you come up with!!! Please send me an email with what you are offering.

Are you a store or super motivated to get these out to people?

Click here for Wholesale and bulk ordering information