Your Tarot Card

If you received a tarot card in your kit, you’re in the right place. We partnered with a local queer tarot deck maker to bring you a little magic in your tattoo kit this time around. Perhaps it will bring you inspiration for your tattoo, or perhaps not!  Find possible meaning and guidance in the universe sending you this particular card.

magician tarot card spirit speak tarot

Suggested next steps:

Find your card’s meaning by going through the deck booklet (below). Read it. Hang your card on your dresser or keep it in your pocket for a few days. Let the lesson or meaning sink in. You may find out more by searching google results for the name of your card. Many tarot deck makers have a slight different interpretation of each card. It’s also helpful to inspect the card with your entire being – and notice what jumps out at you – any shapes, objects, actions? See how those may be related to where you are in your life right now. What do you need to hear? What is in your way? We hope something is unveiled for you. 🙂

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Spirit Speak Tarot is a Tarot Deck created by Mary Elizabeth Evans.  Learn more about Spirit Speak and her Tarot by clicking here.


spirit speak tarot card