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Alex writes…

Hello!  I did some stick and pokes about 4 years ago with an India ink which I can’t remember the brand name of and a sewing needle.  They’re both about 2 inches circular (a sun and a moon) on my ankle.  Now back then there was little information about what inks to use, what needles were appropriate and how to sanitize needles; luckily I did not ever get an infection and the tattoos both came out pretty dark and faded a pretty blue-ish color.
Now what I’m wondering about is toxicity of India ink and chrome from needles, and how long it would take for effects to be considered benign or if there could be long term effects from some of those compounds.
I’m not sure that you all would have any information on this but figured I’d ask.  I would assume that if there was some ill effects I would have noticed that they would have been apparent by now but with the pigment still being in your skin one can’t help but look at it and wonder!
Thanks for your time and would love a second opinion!

SnP responds:

Hi Alex,

I am unaware of the toxicity of these materials on your body as a result of diy tattooing with india ink and a needle. Unfortunately, few studies have been done on any ink in skin, however with the popularity of all types of tattoos, I’d hope there will start to be more. It is my unprofessional opinion that small amounts of toxins can be responded to by the body in a variety of ways and it depends on your environment, body, health and all that to figure out how harmful it truly was for you.
I hope that helps 😉
PS I have some india ink in me too and I don’t worry too much. The black ink in our kit is not too far off from what is in india ink…I lose more sleep about oil companies polluting our air, soil and water!!! The effects of that is likely to be greater….

Rosa Asks…

hi i ordered your stick and poke set (to austria), just wanna say thanks, it was really fast, everything perfect.

now i have a question regarding the ink: is it possible to use the ink bottles for more than one tattoo? if you always fill the ink to the little jar? because if not, why is it in these big bottles ?

thank you, rosa

I respond…
Thank you!

It is safe to re-use ink in the sealed bottle (within like a few months) if it is not contaminated in the process of the first use. 🙂 Needles – not the case!


Anna Writes….
Please can you tell me if your kits are suitable for vegans?
I respond,

Yes! All vegan and vegan friendly stuff!!!