Introducing the first ever: Partner Kit. This kit has enough for two people to safely poke. Just make sure that you throw everything out & pour new ink before starting the second person…

Stick and Poke (hand poke) history is steeped in partner tattooing. The culture is: late night bedroom boredom & feeling special. One step over a mani-pedi party, a stick and poke party is forever. That is, if you consider your skin life to be “forever.” News for ya: You are going to live triple digits max, and then that tattoo will return to it’s elements along with your stiff smelly body. In any case, it is pretty fun to do this sort of thing with a friend. Just the other day, I got a ladybug on my ankle my 4th date got a grounded symbol on hers. I hope she won’t electrocute me in the end.


1. Select Partner Kit on the purchase page.

2. Wait several days to arrive…tap tap tap.

3. Invite a special friend over.

3.5. Put on an angsty record from your teen years.

4. Follow instructions in the kit for one person, then throw it ALL away (according to instructions), wash up thoroughly, and then follow the same instructions again for the next person using the second set of stuffs.  You will have two of everything besides ink and instructions – both have enough for at least two ;-D

P l  e  a  s  e    p o k   e   s a  f  e  l   y