When tattooing, two things are must haves: something to soothe your pissed-off skin during the poking (alcohol is not soothing, people), and something to encourage healing after your kitten-with-devil-horns sleeve is finished (apple blossom scented lotion is a no-no here, people). These are Witch-hazel Extract and Aquaphor Healing Ointment. These both prevent pain and infection. SEE UPDATE:



{UPDATE/Side note: The newest edition of my kits now include a Witch-hazel wipe and a HUSTLE BUTTER. Armed with these two very popularly-used-in-tattoo-parlors wound care products, you can now poke and wipe with soothing native medicinal plant wipes and follow up your tattoo immediately with healing ointment. No trips to the store! Soothe Safely.}