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Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit® Expert Kit


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  • 16 needles. Three of the 3RL (Round Liner) &  5RL  &  7RL , One  5 Magnum Shader (MS), 4/5 Flat, 5 Round Shader (RS),  7 RS,  9RL  and 7MS or similar combination.
  • One to six 1/2 oz.(15 mL) professional tattoo inks  (you choose ink colors).
  • 4″ x 3″ Practice Skin – for practice and experimentation
  • 2 packets natural aftercare balm, 0.25 oz each – petroleum free, vegan
  • one 4 x 5.5″ sheet green tattoo stencil paper
  • 2 packets stencil transfer gel
  • 2 mini ink jars (reusable, sterilizable)
  • 2 packets (each makes 500mL) Green Soap
  • 3  aftercare Tattoo Soaker Pads, 4″ x 7″
  • 1 roll surgical paper tape

All products are the highest quality USA professional tattoo industry supply and vegan/vegan friendly.

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We at Stick & Poke Tattoo Kit understand that access to some professional supplies are important for safer home & DIY tattooing. Therefore, we now offer this packed kit for those who have safely followed our instruction booklet in our basic kits (single, partner or party kit) and who have sourced their own safety supplies (alcohol, wipes) 

///For safety reasons ///  ONLY For those who already ordered a Stick & Poke Tattoo Kit™ //Expert Kit //

Color Options

MorningGlory__86040.1405467274.1280.1280  FlashGray__76734.1405466245.1280.1280 EneraldGreen__20856.1405465565.1280.1280ink tattoo yellowink tattooTastywavesGreen__97248.1405459669.1280.1280NavyBlue__84836.1405458644.1280.1280BlueNote__07116.1405459049.1280.1280APW__03153.1405465557.1280.1280SunsetOrange__42241.1405465069.1280.1280labia tattoo ink colorpussy inkBerryCherry__63361.1405458950.1280.1280 BrownBrown__69439.1405465916.1280.1280 Black Ink

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Additional information

Number of Inks

Expert Kit with 1 ink $52, Expert Kit + 2 inks – $60, Expert Kit + 3 inks – $66, Expert Kit + 4 inks – $72, Expert Kit + 5 inks – $78, Expert Kit + 6 inks – $84

Customer Reviews

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Lucy G.

The kit is perfect! It gives both beginners and vets good sourced supplies to work their magic! I appreciate all the helpful information and links on the website as well! Great stuff!

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