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High-Quality Professional Tattoo Inks 1/2 oz.

These are the inks colors that are currently available in our kits.

Made in the USA by a professional tattoo ink supplier//// vegan inks

/// All Purpose Black /// Grey /// Navy /// Blue /// Purple ///  Deco Pink ///  Yellow /// Gold ///  Orange /// Green /// Apple ///  Teal /// Pussy /// Red /// Brown-Brown /// White ///


***Some people may be allergic to the pigments in Ink. Most commonly, red and yellow can cause a reaction that take the skin longer to heal, or may cause ink to “fall out.” It is advised to do a dot test on one’s skin before completing an entire tattoo. ***

*** Inks are mixable

*** Inks can be diluted with green soap (red soap) solution or distilled water to create a lighter line and prevent blowing out.

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