Thank you to all our community members who submitted work to our Photo Gallery & Submissions page. We post nice shots of home artists who submit pics of their home hand pokes. A lot of these have been done using our kits and supplies!

NOTE: However you do hand poke, please do it safely. Our blog and our free downloads can help you stay safe in your process, with our kit, or with your own supplies!

Winners (below) are determined through number of likes & reblogs on our  Submissions Tumblr page 😉 .   The next count will be in a few months, and will include submissions from all of 2019. Submit yours today or go and vote for your favorites!

Dearest Winners, We will try to slip you a DM on tumblr (if you submitted under an account), or feel free to reach out to us (with your mailing address) on this form. If the name matches, you’ve got yourself some free stuff!

Congrats to the following winners….(!!!)
amazing moth tattoo

oh tumblr