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Tann (they/them) is the creator of Ink the Diaspora, a platform that is for visibility of brown & dark skin folks who struggle to find representation for tattoos. Based in New York, Tann finds a great interest as their job as tattoo consultant. The interest is so great that they start to learn to tattoo themselves. Learn about Tann starting their journey as a stick and poke artist. Learn about different ink colors on different skin tones. How undertones play a role in tattoo color visibility and how color swatches can help. Tann plans to offer simple color swatches for folks with dark skin to assist them and artists in creating large colorful pieces.

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Stick & Poke Tattoo Kit™ is a trademarked (USPTO, WIPO) green business in northern California since 2013. We are the first harm reduction product for DIY home tattooing on the world market. Stick and poke LLC’s mission is to provide access to safe tattoo supplies and home DIY tattoo information.

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