Amazon (also, Whole Foods) –  First, they bullied the cute book stores out of our towns, and now they threaten to monopolize and automate online commerce and health food industry into a profit machine for a few executives at the expense of all tax payers.

As a former seller on Amazon, I have my own personal experience on how they “prioritize” the buyers at the expense of the sellers – often small businesses like my own. They force lowering prices (sales) and allow fake trademark violators to sell alongside you. Birkenstock took their products off Amazon for this reason and I have followed suit. I have experienced a loss of sales since leaving Amazon, and it has been difficult to leave as a buyer…that Amazon Prime can be soooo good and easy.

In turning to these alternatives (below) for my personal and business shopping, I have made a commitment to the striking workers at Amazon that break their backs over the “1 day shipping” phenomenon –  that costs working people health and well-being.

Why boycott Amazon?

Jeff Bezos is one of the richest billionaires in the world, while the average employee salary is $28,000 annually. They are the modern online Walmart. Expecting workers to rely on governmental support to survive, while using tax shelters to pay zero dollars back into the system. We as tax payers are actually paying for their poor business practices. It is incredibly greedy and inhumane. Lobbying dollars slow this obvious opportunity of a much needed policy change…the way we can vote out these practices is with our dollars and our voices.

If you need another reason, how about – Amazon is selling facial recognition technology to police and ICE.

Where to shop this holiday season.

Even local stores have online versions that make shopping easy. Even better, homemade crafts or vintage/used stuff exist locally and online – and if you must buy new – how about finding that locally owned (POC owned, Queer-owned) small business – rather than the big box stores that create a bunch of plastic waste, treat workers like shit, and lobby for tax loopholes for big corps? To keep and create strong communities we must use our dollar.

You too can make a commitment to break up with Amazon here.

Try these online alternatives instead! 


An online platform of mostly individual makers who curate a cute shop for buyers to browse. International e-commerce site.


The original selling site – can be scammy but there are mostly individuals selling new and used items at auction – international.


A good place to find things in your community. This site hasn’t changed in 20 years – still ad free and about meeting the needs of communities more than making a buck.


A newer version of Craigslist that allows ease of use for those giving away or selling stuff.

For more, click here to be taken to Threshold who is on the up and up….

Happy holidays!