Stick and poke, also known as stick n poke, poke and stick, etc, tattooing is the practice of sticking your self with something pokey. You can buy a neat kit to make this easy as pie, and safe to boot.

Here are some best practices that beginners may not know:

  1. stretch the skin. In the words of underground stick n poker Vitnay, “I carefully poked a perfect heart shape around his nipple. When he got up, it turned into a kindergartner scrawled valentine. I learned the important lesson of stretching the skin while tattooing.” 🙂
  2. be safe. you could get hepatitis C, HIV, and/or a number of blood borne diseases or serious infections. If you are safe and follow instructions like the ones in this kit, the likelihood of a problem goes almost to zero.
  3. be sober. if you aren’t sober, you aren’t able to be sure if you are being safe! (see deadly consequences above).arm tattoo
  4. be old enough. 18 is a good minimum age (legally speaking).  Think about what your older self may want for your shared body – a scrawl of the name of your high school crush? Likely not. That’s what permanent markers are for! The good news is that if you do a simple black tattoo on yourself now, you can probably get it painfully (like daggers, stabbing) removed later in life. So go for the gold, pony boy!
  5.  some tattoo aftercare ointment is magic and you must use it. There are at least 3 more things that you can do with this stuff besides putting it on your tattoo to assist in healing = “aftercare”. By the way, our aftercare goo is natural, vegan, plant-based and (petroleum free). The stuff can be used during the tattoo to prevent ink from getting everywhere. It is also a lubricant, moisturizer and practically edible.  It can even be used to hold the baby glass jar in place (just put a dab underneath). What a thing it is.
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