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SUBMIT A PHOTO HERE Please submit a clear & cool photo & include a little bit about the tattoo. Did you use the Kit? If you like a photo here, “vote” for it by clicking on it and then ♥ on our  submissions tumblr.  These ♥s  = free supplies for the artist!    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

a world of pain. @stickandchokethrow me out the window with confetti in my haiiiir - #tomwaits @stickandchokelil rose skullA knife tattoo to represent the pain and a triangle to represent strength. Without both I would not be the person I am today.Dainty flowerYo I done this on my leg a while ago using ur needles, probably my favourite tattoo so far lmao (also pls send me 7rl needles I need them 4 lettering thx xoxo)The one true hero this world needs. One Punch AvoTama! He never looked better 🥑 Toast anyone?
Did this half of a Megalodon jaw on my friend this saturday. shading is a shitload of fun and I love to see my progress, even if this is only the 8th tattoo I done did on somebody. @sticknchokethis was one was a loot of fun ansbach my first time doing a bit of shading on someoneMy new lotus tattoo!!We traveled around the west coast for 7 months, visiting both beautiful wild mountain spaces & cultivated farm land. Coming back to the east coast city-life has been a transition from the slow roll of living on the road. I poked this piece on my travel partner as an ode to our adventures. Every time I see it, it takes me right back to the mountains we explored in the Cascades. This piece is a simple placeholder for time and memory. Thanks Stick n poke tattoo kit for making the process so easy accessible!Forever been obsessed with constellation tattoos but when it was going to cost min 200 for something like this I just thought, “fuck it. I can do that myself.” And voila!My 16 year old told me she wanted a stick and poke. So my condition was she had to use your kit. After she did hers, she did my libra symbol. Thanks for making this kit.
one of my favourites rom my twin peaks flash 🌲 @sticknchoke4. tattoo I did on myself 🍷 💔 @stickandchokeSleepy Totoro 🌱Venus of Willendorf and botanicals hand poked on myself🌿2 tattoos I designed and made on my leg with the stick n poke kit !Simple but happy(:A rose I did on myself using the stick and poke tattoo kit3 stick n poke🤘🏼🤘🏼

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